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Find out what people have said about our services

Aaron A. Rose

CEO/President, Venandi Systems

"It’s a privilege to work with Don. He possesses both a great depth and breadth of finance industry knowledge. He’s a consummate professional, a team player, genuinely interested in providing others with tangible solutions, and produces immediate results. He’s a valuable member of Venandi’s success."

Jeremy Maccoy

Operations Manager

BDS Sales and Marketing company is like a debugging tool that helps to remove unnecessary bugs from the general business systems. As the functionalist believes that a dysfunction in a sub-system has the propensity to destroy the larger system, BDS Sales and Marketing Inc., will identify those dysfunctions and propose a solution. If you want a better marketing system, boosted sales, or better SOP development, BDS Sales and Marketing Company is the best choice for your organization.

Mike O'Neil


Looking through the realm of professionalism and originality, it is obvious that Don is well versed in this field. The service rendered came at an affordable price and I will be willing to pay more for such an excellent service rendered. I would strongly recommend this company for your business-related issues. 

Emily Charlotte


As a company, we had lost our direction. We had low sales, a poor marketing system, and low returns before consulting BDS Sales and Marketing. After inducting Don’s expertise into our business system, he made us realize loopholes in the organization and took our sales to unprecedented levels. No one does it better than BDS!

Sean Brian

Chief Operating Officer

I have been working with BDS Sales and Marketing Company for over a year now, and I can describe our journey as a memorable and exhilarating one. Don has vast and well informed experience in the collection industry. His astute personality and reasoning echo professionalism and authenticity. He is the right man for the job, always! 

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