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The Founder,

BDS Sales and Marketing, INC.

Drawing on his 23 years’ experience in the business operations and sales field Don serves as the founder, President and Chief consultant at BDS Sales and Marketing, Inc.

During the course of his career, Don has held a wide range of positions ranging from entry level call center representative, to president within the financial services industry. He is well regarded in the Collection industry for his deep understanding of operational challenges, consultative approach to relationship selling and extensive knowledge of a broad range of subjects.  Don combines this with a special interest in improving employee engagement to assist clients in finding solutions to common personnel engagement dilemmas.

In 2019, Don was hired to spearhead the sales, business and product development efforts of Gwynn Group to break into the third party collections market with their CRM Software product “Kenekt”.  Don served as the subject matter expert on the industry for product development and sales execution purposes. This project required a deep and varied set of skills as it pertains to collections operations management, with expertise in sales and business development as well.  One particularly memorable moment came when he  quickly identified areas where the


application had deficiencies and guided the development team on how to address those deficiencies through integrations with third party vendors as opposed to developing and coding the functionality themselves.  This approach took a development timeline of years down to a month and allowed Gwynn to begin selling much faster within the market. Don led the entrance into the market with great results, and Gwynn Group is poised to be a force in the third party collection market going forward as a result, 2 years ahead of schedule.

Don attended Clarion University of PA as a Business Administration major.  He also holds several sales training certifications.  Don is also a member of the American Collectors Association, the Receivables Management Association and the Telecommunications Risk Management Association.

The Company

At BDS Sales and Marketing, not only do we value and believe in your organization’s goals and objectives, we are also here to bring your company’s dream into reality. Here, we have proved to be very reliable with our quality services. BDS Sales and Marketing Company is dedicated to assisting different business organizations to reach the peak of operational efficiency.

BDS Sales and Marketing Company was established in the year 2018 and we are goal driven. Our goals and objectives are to help agency owners uncover and exploit operational inefficiencies to unlock true performance potential. As a company that values efficiency and high productivity, we help companies with sales, marketing, vendor management, performance measurement, optimization, collector training, and leadership development. 

Here at BDS Sales and Marketing Company, we go to work every day to help grow your business and reach for the stars together. By soliciting our service, we work to quickly get to the core of what your business is about. We are your strategic partner. That is why we always channel our knowledge to provide innovative solutions and results that are sure to impress your clients.

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